Wednesday, January 5

Photo Shoot: Tyler & Kalen

So I realized that I never shared these pictures of Tyler and Kalen. After the Bright Light’s Christmas party we walked over to the Prayer Garden (my favorite place to take pictures) and we did a quick photo shoot (only 15 mins) since they were dressed all cute! I wanted some pictures to frame for the Grandparents and I got a lot of cute ones!

The first picture I took and my absolute favorite!!!


Can’t decide if I like it in B&W better.


Handsome little man.


Pretty little girl!



They are growing up way too fast!





Tyler being…ummm…Tyler! Silly boy!


Contrast to Tyler being serious!


These next three are just too funny.


I said, “How sweet, why don’t you give each other a kiss…”




Tyler came up with most of the ideas on where to take the pictures! He was such a good little helper. As we were walking out he said, “Wait Mommy, one right here too by the lamp post!”


I am so happy I got a bunch of the two of them together.


~Stephanie said...

Brianna, Tyler and Kalen are so beautiful. Happy New Year.

Michelle Karr said...