Wednesday, October 29


Well you haven't seen any pictures from Tate Farms yet because it was postponed due to rain. We are going tomorrow evening! And then the Fall Fest is on Friday night, so I'll have pictures up next week.

We are waiting for Grandma and Aunt Shell to arrive! Tyler is so excited that they are coming to see us at "our house!" This morning he said..."Yea! All my friends! Mumming see me, and Mommy, Daddy, and Talen at our house! Will be fun!" They should be here in a couple hours.

I know a post is boring without pictures so here are a couple!

Kalen is really into blowing raspberries! She has the funniest face when she is doing it and you just can't help laughing.


And Tyler is into his baseball hat! He likes to wear it like Uncle Matt sometimes. When we get on the webcam Tyler and Matt play this game and turn their hats back and forth...and Tyler gets the biggest kick out of it!



Leah said...

Those pics are so cute!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! they are growing so fast! not to mention - darn cute!

Jamie said...

Love that picture of Kalen. I had to do a double take. Is that our backyard?