Thursday, October 23

Touch a Truck

Well I need to post these pictures from this past weekend before the next weekend hits!

April, a friend of mine, gave us a pass to go to touch a truck. They had every type of truck that you could imagine there. The kids were allowed to go in each one and pretend to drive, and see all the buttons. Tyler loved it! He keeps asking me everyday, "Maybe I go see trucks today?"

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

           He loved "Truckie!"                                                                           


Look at this cute little fire dog!                Father and truck heaven!


I took a ton of pictures! Here is a collage.

Touch a Truck

And just to prove Kalen was there.


She was a happy girl in her stroller!


Tyler got a popsicle from the Blue Bell Ice Cream truck and he ate it all up! I just love this picture!


We also went into Sci-Quest. I didn't get very many photos though since Tyler was running around from one thing to the next so fast! A couple of the favorites with Tyler were the big bubbles, and the burp machine.

Touch a Truck1

Anyway, that was last weekend! Tomorrow night we are going to Tate Farms with our Life Group(Sunday school class)! We can't wait!


Sara said...

you quite possibly have the cutest kids in the world!
They are just adorable!!!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

That looked like so much fun! Tyler was in heaven with all the trucks! Calvin said that was a cool idea and would have loved to go himself!

Kalen was a good girl! They better remember that when she wants to do something girly!

Leah said...

That had to be a little boys dream!!

Also love that big bubble thing!

Jamie said...

You got some great pictures! I did the same thing with Emma Lee just to prove that we did not leave her in the van. :)

amydc said...

Audrey & Olivia both got those popsicles. They were melting pretty quick, so me & Ian got a taste also. They were the bomb!
I guess we were pretty stupid b/c we didn't know you could go into Sci-Quest. duh... It was good it worked out that way though, b/c y'all seen Audrey bellering & carrying on when we were leaving. And so are the days of our lives......