Tuesday, May 6

Couple Scrap Pages

Well I finally got some time in my scraproom today. I made a couple cards and finished up these layouts.

I love this one, cause I got to use some pink!

Halfway through 2005! I'm gettin there!

A lot of you commented on how cute the smock was that Tyler was painting in. It actually came in a set that he got from Target. Here is the picture of it. And it comes in a cute little bucket too (that is why the paints match the smock....no I didn't plan it, but it will look nice on a scrap page).


Unknown said...

Thanks Bri...very cute...Love the layouts...I'm always looking at your pages because you have a lot of really neat ideas! Just like your mother...I'm getting ready to get the kids down for bed, then I'm headed to the basement to scrap some...before my bedtime...haha:) (whenever that is...) haha;)
Well I'll have to check out that smock next time in Target...Thanks for sharing...I wonder if they make bigger sizes or is it just a one size fits all? Would you happen to know? Thanks so much...
Well i'm off and on a mission...Hugs,

Jamie said...

Great layouts! So glad you were able to get back in your room.

It is 8:30 pm and I think I am headed to bed. Have not been sleeping well these last 2 nights. What is up with that?

Hope to have more energy and scrap some tomorrow.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Wow look at you and mom when was that? No little rugrat running around!

Heather said...

I know this is the first time I have commented on your blog....I am one of those lurkers I guess! :)
Anyway, glad you all are feeling better! Love the layouts! And you are right...the matching colors of the smock and the paint....that will make an awesome page!
Have a great day!