Saturday, May 31

We got a pool!

While Aunt Jess was here we bought Tyler a pool! Nothing fancy, just one of those plastic ones at Walmart. He loves it and thinks it's the coolest thing! I think it is too...anything that keeps him busy for a couple hours is a GOOD THING!

Tyler had to help fill it up! I wonder who taught him how to do this....
Aunt Jess showed him how to go down the slide.
Look Mom...NO HANDS!
He kept yelling "no hands" over and over, he was so proud of himself going down with no hands. Aunt Jess also taught him how to go down on his tummy!
I thought he might be a little scared getting his head under like that...but this is what he did when he got up.
Little Dare Devil!

He likes to try to get Bailey wet.
And if you know Tyler, you know he loves to pose for the camera! Here are a couple cute ones I got!
Mike and I think it's the best 11 dollars we have spent for Tyler in a while! The weather has been hot, so I know it will get used a lot this summer!



Leah said...

So cute!! He looks like he is having the best time!!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

I had so much fun with him out at the pool! I'm going to get a few of those pictures! Love you guys and talk to you soon!

Jenn said...

So cute...I like the new family photo on your profile! Very nice! You look so good!:) Just house cleaning here today. Are you ready for your trip? I can't wait to see that baby!:)

Heather said...

So sweet! That little look on the last picture is precious! Brianna, I hope you are doing great and enjoying that little girl. I am so glad the summer is here and I am so looking forward to getting our swimming hole ready to go it!

Jamie said...

Love all those swimming pictures! You captured his personality so great!

Have a great week!

amydc said...

LOVE the pics. He looks precious. We got a pool last year on clearance @ Target at the end of the season. Audrey keeps asking "when can I swim"?
I'll be curious to see how she does. I am sure she won't be as brave as Tyler!!!