Friday, May 2

One More Week

Well this is it, one week to go! My baby is now a mini watermelon. This past week we had it rough. It started out Sunday night with Tyler getting sick right at bedtime and we didn't get to sleep until about 1am. The next day he was doing much better though. Then on Tuesday morning I woke up sick, and was sick all day. I became dehydrated which started contractions and had to go to the hospital to be put on an IV. As we were walking into the hospital Mike became sick too. NO FUN! I'm thankful that the fluids stopped my contractions and I didn't have to deliver and meet this new little baby in that condition! So after a few days of recovery it seems that we are back on track.

I had a doctors appointment this morning and I am about 2cm dilated. So nothing new again. We did schedule a tentative induction for the 12th. So at least we have an end date in mind.

We had a good visit with my sister this past weekend.Thankfully she was here to help out with Tyler when we went to the hospital. Tyler loved hanging out with his Aunt Meagan! She played outside with him, helped him with his train, and even helped him paint for the first time! I will post some painting pictures was cute! -Brianna


Jamie said...

Great picture of you and your sister. You do not look like you are about to give birth.

Adorable photo of Tyler and the train. I am seeing a 1 photo layout with that in Sepia or Black/White.

Go into labor this week (before Thursday) or better yet late night on Mother's Day. My water broke with Caleb Davis at 3:42 am the Monday after Monday's day. (Just so glad it did not happen in church that day before.)

Going to miss you tonight. I am heaaded that way in about 20 minutes.

Jamie said...

I meant Mother's Day!


Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

good picture of you and meg. well i can't wait to see this little watermelon! So funny!

amydc said...

Your sis is cute.
Congrats on the tentative induction date. It seems to make things a little better when you have a date to look forward to.
Praying for an easy delivery & a healthy baby. (girl! :)

Kimberly said...

Glad everyone is feeling better and I can't wait to meet this new little one! Have a super week!

Jenn said...

Oh wow! Well i'm glad everyone's feeling better...I hope that you gain your energy back up before you deliver this new addition! So glad Meg's was there to help you out when you needed her! That's always a plus. Just waiting to hear all the excitting news on your end, when it really does happen! Hopefully things go well. You'll be in my prayers. Nothing new and exciting here. I ordered some cool scrapbooking emblishments from your mom and some papers, that I can't wait to come in to start working with. I've been trying to do one page a day right now...working on our family yearly get together's trip book (it's a 12x12 book), and the places we go are kind of outdoorie places and usually in fall time, so it's fun doing those. I will have to take pics of them to post on here because i'm not that talented to figure out how to shrink the pages to make them fit on here with scaning them. Well good luck my dear and praying for a healthy easy delivery for you and little one. Take care and get all the rest you can now. Save the work for everyone else to do!

Jan said...

ok where have I've been. I checked your blog and you had 3 posts. Amazed you have time to update your blog!!