Wednesday, October 14

Dinner Drama

We have been having a lot of drama during dinnertime lately. Kalen just does not want to eat much, she mainly just wants the roll or bread. So our dinners have been accompanied by a lot of whining and crying. Well one night, after I had been trying to get her to eat with no luck, Tyler tried. At first I started to tell him to just go back to his seat, but then she ate what he was feeding her!IMG_9053 WHAT!?!?!IMG_9062Oh, I see, you’ll eat when your brother feeds you, huh?? LITTLE STINKER!!IMG_9060 Then Kalen started to feed Tyler.IMG_9056 Mike and I were cracking up.IMG_9055So now when Kalen doesn’t want to eat something, Tyler quickly pops up and says, “I will do it, I will feed her!” And sometimes it works!


Jenn said...

that is hilarious! Kids will be kids!!!!!

Lydia said...

That is so cute, love your blog header by the way it is really beautiful in its fall simplicity!

Tim and Chrissy said...

that is so darn cute! brandon often wants to help feed maya but then he gets upset when maya tries to feed him back cause she doesn't know how and ends up hitting him in the got great pictures of it too..