Thursday, September 13

Dining Room and Scrap Room

Here are some pictures of the dining room, which is open to the kitchen. You can see we fit our big table in there so that's nice. Also there are three long windows that let in plenty of light. Our pantry is in the back corner, there was no other place to put it besides downstairs, and I didn't want to walk down there every time I needed something.
Here are some pictures of my scrap room. It's not the way I would like it, but it's working for now. Mike put up that cabinet for me and I made use of the microwave cart underneath it. There is a door that goes out to the backyard, but we don't use it much. It pretty much acts as a window for me.

I still need to clean up other area's of the house so I can take pictures. But as I promised a special picture tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!


Jamie said...

You have everything looking so nice! I know you guys are enjoying the new home.

Can I come over to scrap? :)