Tuesday, March 18

Playing with Pictures

For the past week or so I've been playing around with my pictures. Taking different types of pictures and editing them differently. I have been reading some photography blogs and getting some neat ideas.

Here are a few pictures I took a week or so ago while Tyler was playing outside.

We heard a Cardinal singing up in one of our trees. I was glad my camera was able to zoom in close enough to get it.

As always, we had the bubbles out! Tyler likes it when Daddy blows the bubbles!

Tyler was in a mood to be like Daddy (when is he not?) that day.

Monkey See.....

Monkey Do.

He had to have his hands just like Daddy's, and when Mike decided to lay down on the grass Tyler of course had to follow. His feet had to be up on the brick exactly like Dad had his.

Too cute! I love my boys!

Seeing pictures like these makes me want to have another boy around...I think I may be warming up to the idea that this baby may just be a boy.

But of course a girl would be just fine too! :) I wouldn't mind some more pink in my pictures!



Kimberly said...

Those pics are just too cute.

Jan said...

You have to scrap the one with the brick wall. Love it. And the black and white with the cardinal is nice too.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

cute pictures! Well if you have a girl those will be cute pictures with you in the! Mommy and daughter pictures, then mike will have to take pictures

amydc said...

Sweet. It's so awesome to me when little boys want to be like Daddy.

Tracy said...

Love the pics! You are becoming quite the photographer, Michelle is impressed. The one on the brick wall is adorable.