Tuesday, November 18

New Pages

I have some new scrapbook pages to share. These first three I made during a cyber crop with my Mom and her scrapbook group. 


So if you don't know by now I'm the button queen. During the crop the girls made fun of me using all these buttons on this page, but I really like how it turned out. I'm biased to buttons though :)


This one is a 2 pager, and would you believe that the papers and embellishments came from the dollar spot at Target, same with the paper on the fall layout! LOVE IT!


And these I just put together really quick.



This one I did for a crop over at Dixie Pieces. The challenge was to get inspiration from an ice cream flavor...I picked Mint Chocolate Chip.


I'm towards the end of 2006 now and organized all my 2007 pictures! I'm still doing layouts as I like, but trying to get most of them done somewhat in order. I hate to just start from now and not scrap all the cute pictures of Tyler when he was little. I think the trick is to try to scrap fast on some layouts and take time with the really good pictures. I'm also trying to get a mini album done of pictures from a family reunion. I'll post that when I'm through!


Jan said...

I actually like the button one the best, you button nut!!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

cute layouts,i love the picture of tyler and ben that is so cute!

Jamie said...

Love all the recent pages. I think my favorite is that last one (Mint Chocolate Chip). It put me in the Thanksgiving mood for this next week.

Jenn said...

Cute Bri, after looking at "The Button" page on here it doesn't make it look like you used too many buttons at all. I think it was just the webcam! lol...Love the layouts...like the idea of using your fav ice cream flavor...cute...I've been busy knitting scarfs for Christmas stocking stuffers...kind of took a break from scrapbooking since I've been busy with sick kids...Have you looked at my blog lately? I posted some new posts a couple weeks ago...