Saturday, November 22

Getting Ready

Today we are getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. My Mother, Meagan, and Sue Ann are coming to visit us next week so we want the house looking nice. We are raking the leaves today.

Well...Mike is raking leaves.


And Tyler is playing in them.



And I'm having fun with my camera....guess I'll stop and start cleaning now!


amydc said...

Tyler looks adorable.
Mike looks like an older, male version of Kalen!!! :)

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Love these! I like how mike and tyler are wearing nice white shirts to rack the leaves and play in them! Total photoshoot!!!!

~Telah said...

Great pictures in the leaves! I love this kind.

Jamie said...

I am such a terrible friend and I am so very behind on leaving comments.

I love these photos but especially how dressed up your guys dress when they wake leaves. ;)