Monday, December 1

Jamie Scraps November Kit

Fall is my favorite time of year and I just loved working with the fall colors in this kit!

Here are the layouts:




And here are the cards I made:





So if your looking for something to scrap all your fall pictures you can get the November Jamie Scraps kit here! Have fun!


mmklootie said...

Those are cute. But you need to put up the Video of Kalen. I'll give you 5 days then I will post it on mine. haha she is so cute. And I left a comment is a new day. :)

~Telah said...

You did a great job with Jamie's kit! I love what you did with the tree on the card!

Jenn said...

Very nice Bri~ I need to get back at my photo book I'm making for Christmas of our wedding...I kind of set it aside when the kids got sick...and today I realized I don't have much stuff bought for Christmas yet...omgoodness...and not much time left...crazy...I need to get to movein...Talk to you was your Thanksgiving with your mom and Megs? Hope you had a good time...

Jamie said...

You definitley rocked that kit in November. That "Peek a Boo" is an all time favorite of mine.

I see a staged photo shoot with Emma Lee. ;)