Monday, December 8

Christmas Caroling

Last week our Life Group took the kids caroling. It was so cute to watch the kids run up to the front door and “try” to be quiet before ringing the door bell.


It was a cold night, so we had Kalen all bundled up!


We also went to visit one of the children’s
Great Grandmother in a retirement community.


Then we went into their community area and they were having a tree lighting ceremony so the kids were able to sing a couple songs for them.


Tyler is really getting into the holiday spirit this year! He likes to drive around and find all the Christmas lights at night. And he has been making some Christmas crafts in Sunday School! Next week we get to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus after the Children’s Program at church, and I know he will like that too!


Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

That is so nice I remember when we did that when we were little! Looks like Tyler had lots of fun!