Monday, December 29

Christmas Recap #1

I’m sure this is going to take a couple of posts so here is part 1.

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church and it was wonderful! So much more than we expected. It was a short service with a couple songs and then the pastor invited the kids on stage to read the Christmas Story.


And then the kids sang a couple of carols for us.


And that was it. Short, but sweet! We said Merry Christmas to a few of our friends


and headed home.

I had a few snacks prepared for us to eat. Mushroom caps, Chicken Nacho dip, and Cocktail Shrimp. YUM!

Kalen had to show off her Christmas Eve outfit! Good thing I got these pictures, she spit up and we had to change her later.




Then keeping with tradition we let the kids open one present before bed.

IMG_1183 IMG_1184

IMG_1189 IMG_1197

Christmas PJ’s!

Then it was off to get some rest before the big day!


Leah said...

Love the hat on Kalen!! Looks like a great Christmas for you guys!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

that looked like a good time! I remember all of the pj's on christmas eve! those pictures of kalen omg i just want to eat her up!!

Anonymous said...

What you don't make them put their Christmas PJ's on to model for pics! lol...What cute pics of Kalen! She looks so happy...Doe's Ty know what he's opening on Christmas eve yet? I've heard of other family's doing that tradition of Christmas Pj's...cute idea!
We are heading to Ryan's mom's tomorrow for our Christmas with them. Should be interesting...
Talk to you soon.
Miss you guy's.

Anonymous said...

that comment was from Jennifer Buurma Bri...I don't know why this is being poopy...

Mike and Brianna said...

Oh you'll see their Christmas pj's in christmas morning pictures :)

Jamie said...

That Kalen is too cute in those pictures.