Monday, November 17

Playin' Around

Here are a couple of my first shots while I was playing around with the new camera.


Can you tell Kalen likes her sweet potatoes! She has an orange glow.


It takes much better pictures indoors than my point and shoot. I have a lot to learn and my blog will probably be overloaded with pictures for a little while, but anything to make the Grandparents happy, right? :)


Jamie said...

That 2nd picture is adorable.

Are you loving the new camera already?

Jamie said...
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Jenn said...

very cute pics Bri! Pray for Peyton, he has Pneumonia and while he was coughing it caused him to get a hernia so he goes to see a Ped surgon today at 1:20 to find out when he has to have surgery and how extent it will be. I've been posting updates on facebook so If I don't get back with you on here be sure to check out my page on facebook for updates. Pray that his lungs are clear enough to do the surgery this week as next week we are planning to travel to Ohio for Thanksgiving, but if he can't travel then we will be staying home this year...:( Pray pray pray...thanks~

Leah said...

Look at that girls eyelashes!! She's a doll!

Jan said...

Looks like you are having fun. Looking like a pro already!!