Friday, May 25

Joined the YMCA

Well last night we decided to join the local YMCA. It is very nice here and they have a pool, gym, aerobic classes, and daycare for Tyler while I work out. I am excited to get back in the routine of going to the gym and I'm sure Tyler will be able to make some new friends too. I started to do some housecleaning for my dad, once or twice a week, so Mike said if I was able to do that we could join. So I was excited! And I can use any extra money for scrapbooking!! FUN!

I went to an aerobics class this morning and it went pretty well. The teacher did things a little different so I will have to get used to it. This is the first time I have worked out since we moved, so I'm a little tired.

We went to the pool again today. Tyler had fun. He liked being thrown in the air by his daddy! Tyler gets a little more daring each time we go. He tries to put his face in the water, and even kicked a little today. Mom will have him a swimmer in no time ;) Mike looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell him that Tyler might be a natural swimmer. I don't think he wants to take him to the 5:00am practices and the all weekend long swim meets. But hey, maybe his grandpa bob will still be swimming in the morning and he can take him.

Memorial day we are planning on going on the boat. We will see how Tyler does, last time we were on the boat he didn't like it much. It is going to be hot so hopefully we can do a lot of swimming, and he will enjoy that. We hope everyone has a great memorial day with great weather.



Jamie said...

Just catching up on some website reading...

I hope you guys had fun out on the boat yesterday.

Glad you are earning some fun money. That is always nice.

Take care and I hope to see you Friday night!