Wednesday, May 16

Still Unpacking

Well I'm still unpacking from my 2 week visit in Michigan. Today is laundry day, trying to catch up. Tyler and I had lots of fun when we were in MI, and the wedding went great. Tyler missed his daddy though, so he is happy to be back.

Yesterday we went to the swimming pool for the first time. Tyler had lots of fun. I even put his head under a couple times and he didn't mind much. One time he clapped afterwards. He does really good holding his breath. I tried to get him to swim a little bit, but he didn't go for that. Here is a picture of him in the pool.

Tyler has been sleeping a lot these past few days. I think he is making up from the lack of sleep he got in MI. Sleeping in the same room with me, everytime he woke up he wanted to get up and play with me. I think he loves his crib. This morning he wanted to take a nap and he is not sleeping this afternoon, so he is upstairs whining. So i'm going to get him up. I'll update more later.



Jamie said...

It was great to see you last night at church!

I love that look on your little guy swimming! We have that same float for Nathan James.

I am unpacking and doing lots of laundry today!

Hope you guys have a great week!