Friday, April 27

Get Ready Tyler!!!

Tyler you better get ready for Aunt Jess and Uncle Calvin! We are so excited to see you! We have a lot of goodies for you so we can have lots of fun in the car! I hope that you are helping your mommy pack up, because we don't want her to go crazy! She had the tendency to do that some times! Oh yeah I hope you are ready to see Boomer he has been asking about you, and wants to give you all the kisses in the world!
Well I have to get off to work LAST DAY yeah. I can't wait to see you and of course your mommy and daddy also! So Get Ready Tyler cause we will be there tommarow! See you than. LOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOX

-Aunt Jess


Mike & Brianna said...

Sooooo cute! Tyler likes that picture. He told me he is excited to have a new uncle, and he can't wait to see you guys! Love you, see you soon!