Sunday, April 22

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Relaxing on a nice Sunday afternoon. After church we grilled a couple hot dogs and then put Tyler down for his nap. Now we are just waiting for him to wake up so we can go out and do something. We are going to check out a couple of open houses and then plan on going to church this evening.
Last night we had my Dad and Angie over to grill some steaks. That was fun. We had to test our new passed!
I put some pictures up of the park (go figure) from the other night. Tyler has so much fun at the parks now that he is walking. He even tried the rock wall. He went down a big slide all by himself too! Oh the cutest picture is of him hanging from a little bar, it is so cute. He laughs while he is hanging. It's so funny. The park has become more and more fun. He used to just like to swing and swing...which got boring for me, but now he like to do everything. It is so cute to watch him get so excited about little things.
Only one more week till I get to go home!! Yeah I'm so excited! I have to pack! I have to make a list of all the little things I don't think of. Jessica and Calvin are coming up on Saturday and then we are going to all pile into my dad's car and drive up together. We felt a little more comfortable in his car than mine, and also all going in one car. Less gas and more drivers. ROAD TRIP. I will have to remember to take pictures so I can scrap it!
Well I just heard Tyler stirring.


tracy & steve said...

I love the pictures at the park! Tyler looks like he was having a great time. We had a beautiful weekend here too. This is a great way to keep in touch