Wednesday, April 25

Dear, Mr. Tyler


Sorry bud i don't have a picture to send to you yet, i'll have to take one and have your mother put it on here for me since she is the whiz on this. If you are trying to think of something to do today i was thinking you could play your video game that aunt jess got you so you can show her how good you are at it, and you need to start getting used to multi-tasking so you should practice using the phone grandma jan got you i recommend the shoulder pinch (sorry grandpa left an extra bluetooth but your phone isn't compatible). Also make sure mommy doesn't eat any of those bars that she made for breakfast, but if she does than tell her you deserve some, actually i would like to see you eat it and watch you be a crazy little boy. But please refrain from climbing off the back of the couch and standing up in your rocking chair.(I am impressed with your balance though) Anyways keep momma in line, and listen to her, yea life isn't fair, i know But we love you, you'll get it someday.

Love, Dad


Anonymous said...

Mike needs his horns trimmed, in his Easter morning photo his "Antlers" are a little long. (but nice and bushy)

Maybe Shell can Photoshop them for you.

I don't see how to post a photo but will look further!


Mike & Brianna said...

Oh my goodness! I just noticed that, that's so funny!