Tuesday, April 17

Accident Prone

Well I think Tyler is becoming more and more accident prone. We had two accidents today, and probably would have been more if I wasn't following him around the rest of the day. He hit himself in the mouth with one of his toys, and hit his head on the sidewalk outside the front door. Poor thing. He is such a boy...heads right for the stairs without slowing down. I think he is going to give me a heart attack.
Went outside today for a little bit, trying to find pinecones for my sisters wedding. It is getting warmer out. Wore short sleeves and capris, fun!
Mike is putting together a grill his dad got for him. We had hot dogs tonight and he wished he had the grill up to make them on it. Now it will be ready for next time. He had to wait to wait till Tyler went to bed or else he would want to help.
Speaking of Tyler going to bed...I have moved his bedtime earlier. I don't know if he is growing or what, but he has been sleeping in till 9:00!!! I usually put him down at 8, so that's 13 hours!! And he takes a 3 hour afternoon nap. Well I'm going to see how he does putting him down a little earlier so maybe he will wake up earlier...Not that I'm complaining too much :)
Well I had a rough day with Tyler so I'm going to relax. Thanks for reading!!


jessica said...

wow poor tyler! what a hard day for him. thanks for looking for the pinecones! tell mike to have fun putting the grill together. tell tyler to be carefull! -Jess

Jan said...

My poor little buddy. Tell him it will be alright soon, when he comes home and sees Grandma Jan, we will make it all better.
Really.....it's poor Bri. Raising kids isn't easy. Good thing though, when you get older, you'll will just remember the good times.
I must've forgotten alot!!