Tuesday, April 24

Good Day

Well today was a good day for Tyler. He did great and didn't cry much at all. He was lots of fun. Even slept for 3 hours at naptime too. Hopefully this becomes the norm. I was able to cook dinner with out him crying at my feet, and actually got to start a little packing. While he was napping I got two cards done. FUN! I went on http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/ and tried a couple new things. One was the linen look and I really like how it turned out. I'm hoping to do a couple scrapbook pages tomorrow. I have started a 8x8 book for Tyler's hospital pictures. Trying to keep with the same color scheme and narrow down the pictures to the ones I really like. There is a crop I want to go to on Friday night. I need to make sure that I have most of my stuff packed though, going to try to do that the next couple of days.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in Madison (it's like Novi and about a 15min drive). Had to do a little wedding shopping. Decided to stop at a couple other stores that are only out that way too.

Mike and I were thinking of a way to try to get you guys to post on here. What do we have to do...start a fight or something? How about this...send a message to Tyler. Post a picture for him to see and something you just have to tell him. He likes looking at the computer, so I think he will enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

hey send me another email on how i can post a blog on your page. but i hope that you get all packed before you scrapbook (kidding)! i can't wait to see you guys only 4 more days, how cool is that! oh yeah what did you buy me???? hahaha love you see you soon!

Brianna said...

I'm not telling ;) You are just going to have to wait till the BIG day.