Tuesday, May 25

Kalen’s Chocolate Party

We had such a good time at the Chocolate party! It was so much fun, I already want to have another one! Here is the birthday girl in her chocolate brown outfit that I made for her!


She was so excited for the party and we were so happy that Aunt Jess was here too!


We had the house decorated in brown and pink just for Kalen!



Here is the table with the chocolate fountain and all the goodies!


We had Rice Crispy treats, pretzels, Oreos, mint Oreos, Nutter butters…


marshmallows, graham crackers, bananas, strawberries (fresh picked that morning)…


and yummy chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and, of course, pink sprinkles!


We also had chocolate and strawberry milk.


We even had Chocolate bars to give out to the kids as they left! I’m sure their parents just loved us! Ha!



I was prepared for things to get messy! Look at these cute napkins I found. Just perfect!


Don’t forget the wipes! (I had to make them match too)


Let the fun begin! Everyone loved dipping in the chocolate.



It was SO good!


The birthday girl approves!



Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Kalen!


I maybe should have wiped her face, but I think it just adds to the whole chocolate theme :)


Make a wish!




I just love seeing that big happy smile!


Kalen loved her cupcake!


She finished up just in time for presents.

20-Kalen's Party

She got a lot of fun gifts and has been wearing, reading, and playing with them all week!

20-Kalen's Party1

It was such a fun time and I know that Kalen really enjoyed it!

We were a little whiny and tired after everyone left though. (Kalen had her head down crying)


“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!”


Thank you to everyone who came and made Kalen’s 2nd birthday so special!


Emily said...

Can I just say that looks like the most awesome party ever!!!! You could do party planning as a career.

Jamie said...

Such a fun time! Can I have a chocolate party tomorrow?

Julie Rodgers said...

I agree with Emily and Jamie. You are an awesome party planner and. . . . can I have a chocolate party now?? :) Looks amazing. Pretty enough to have been an adult party but fun enough for a 2 year old. i love it!

Anonymous said...

I think that you are in charge of the next girls night out!! LOL! Looks awesome! I can tell that Kalen had a blast!!