Thursday, May 27

The Strawberry Patch

For Kalen’s party we wanted to have fresh strawberries to dip in the chocolate, so after we picked up Aunt Jess we headed out to Brown Farms in New Market.

The kids had so much fun picking strawberries!


Kalen made sure that she only picked the red ones.



Tyler was on the lookout for the BIG ones!



The strawberries were perfect!


The kids were very good and only ate a couple while we were out there.



And it didn’t take us long to fill up our bucket!



The scrapbooker in me loves that Kalen was wearing red! It will make for some really cute layouts!! :)


The strawberries were so good that we didn’t have any left after the party!! We want to go back and take Daddy with us next time. Plus I really want some strawberry shortcake!



Jamie said...

Love all the strawberry photos. It has me so excited for our trip in the morning.

And yes... I have been thinking about our red shirts + denim all week. Yes, I need to go to Scrapbook Therapy. :)

sarakoonce said...

The red shirt definately goes with the strawberry patch theme! You should see my pictures though ;) I made white dresses for the girls to wear whenever we went a couple years ago! lol! Crazy I know, but I was thinking about the pictures! LOL! They turned out awesome!! I'll have to show you guys sometime :) Those strawberries make my mouth water! I want strawberry pie!!

Michelle Karr said...

You guys are hilarious!!! The strawberries look wonderful! I need to head out there!