Wednesday, May 26

It’s Growing

Our garden is growing more and more each day! I took these pictures about a week and a half ago and it looks a lot different today.

Notice Tyler’s snake at the top of this picture, he is trying to scare away the birds. It’s not working.



Last night we built the trellis for the peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers to climb.

We also dug up a few radishes!


The kids ate a couple pieces, I was very surprised, and we are waiting to add them to our next salad!


sarakoonce said...

how fun!!! I SO wish that we could have a garden!! I think that we can rent a plot somewhere here on post, but having to get in the car and go there takes the fun out of it for me! lol! Tell Tyler maybe he should put his snake IN the garden :) That has worked for me :)

Michelle Karr said...

Awesome!!! I love the snake!

Shannon said...

Just dug up a couple radishes here too! Even got a yellow cherry tomato :) Still need to get a trellis up. Are lizards aren't working either! Squirrel keeps digging, arrrrrrgh!