Tuesday, April 7

Indoor Playground

It was pretty cold most the time that we were in Michigan so we found some fun things to do inside. We went to the Chelsea TreeHouse one day. The kids could play and their was coffee and snacks for the adults! I loved that they had a padded play place for the babies, and Kalen loved it too!

IMG_4354a IMG_4353aIMG_4355a   Daddy let her go down the slide and she went down with her hands in the air! Already a little dare devil!

IMG_4376IMG_4372aIMG_4342a It was a little harder to get pictures of Tyler!


He was on the go the whole time! He had his Uncle Matt with him too and they both kept busy!IMG_4365

There was another play place like this close by called Jungle Java. We went there on a Saturday so it was very busy and packed with kids. I think we need a place like this in Huntsville! It was so fun!


Sara said...

have you tried castaway cafe yet in howell?

Brianna said...

I think we went there once a couple years ago...we will have to try it next time we're up.

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

cute pics! looks like so much fun!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Kalen loved it!! I love how my niece takes after me and not her mom little dare devil!!! hahaha
I have a whole lot of ideas of what we can do while we are there so excited

Jamie said...

I can see these pages with some cute ki memories paper. That is what all those fun colors make me think of. :)