Monday, January 7


We have a new 'nano' here, and no it's not an iPod.

Grandpa Bob passed down his piano to us. It is a great addition to our living room (currently the only piece of furniture in there). While everyone was here for Christmas we had the guys move it into the house. Tyler sure likes it!

Tyler wanted Uncle Matt to play with him all the time. "Unnn MaTTT!!! NANO!!!!" He would yell and point wanting Matt to sit right next to him.

He is pretty gentle with the keys....thank goodness! He uses his fingers and usually only presses one at a time. Looks like we may have a little pianist on our hands. Now if only we had someone to teach him, Mike and I have no piano knowledge at all.



Jamie said...

Love all the pictures and the fact that Tyler calls is a "Nano". Too stinkin' cute!

~Telah said...

Now that's a true "Nano". Too funny!

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

That is so funny he looks like he really knows what he is doing. Aunt Meagan will have to teach him the ropes. I'm going to update my page tonight. Talk to you soon!

Jan said...

Looks nice in your room. Won't be long before you have a room full of furniture I bet. Enjoy. I love it when Meg is home and playing hers.