Friday, January 11

Bubbles and a Bear Coat

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Tyler loves bubbles! Anytime we are outside he usually has bubbles in his hands.

We were in the store yesterday and I was looking in the toy section (for b-day ideas), and I saw a bunch of cute bubble toys. Well Tyler saw them too. He screamed for those bubbles the next 10 minutes. Maybe it's an obsession??

He even got this cute bubble lawnmower from Aunt Shell and (soon to be uncle) Chris. Bubbles and a lawnmower in one, can't get any better than that!

I was trying out some different settings on my camera and just had to take some pictures of Tyler in his cute bear coat.

When he knows it's time to go he asks to put his "bbeerrr cooatt" on. Then after it's on (with the hood up) he runs to the mirror to look at himself and touch the little ears on top. Sometimes he even growls at himself. Too cute!

He also has to give us bear hugs when he's wearing it!

Happy Friday!


Jenn said...

Too Cute Bri, I updated my blog...going to try to upload some more scrapbooking pages over the weekend if I find the time. The pages you did on your last post are so cute! Talk to you soon.

Jan said...

These are just to cute. Sure wish I was closer to see the everyday things. Oh well guess pictures will have to do. Hard to believe he will be 2 in a few days. Send be some Bear Coat pics so I can do a page, please.

Jamie said...

Love all the bubble pictures! We have that same mower. Caleb Davis had so much fun last spring/summer trailing after his Dad while he cut the grass.

You know I love that bear coat. Too cute!

Kimberly said...

He is just too cute.Hope u can come next scrap nite.