Sunday, January 27

Scrap Update

Are you wondering if I've been keeping up on my challenge?? Well the answer is yes! I can hardly believe it myself, but I've been scrapbooking a layout a day for the month of January. I have less than a week to go!

Last Saturday I went to an all day crop in Tennessee with the SIS girls! It was so much fun and I enjoyed a day dedicated to scrapbooking and girl time! Leah took a real good picture of the 5 of us who went together from our local scrap group.

We got a bag full of goodies at the crop.

And I bought a few goodies too!

We played two scrapbooking "games." The first one is Round Robin. I sat down at a table with 4 other girls and we start scrapbooking with a picture and some paper and work on the layout for 5 minutes and then pass it to the person next to us who has 5 minutes to put their touch on it. And it goes around the whole table until it comes back to you. I loved doing it!

Here how my layout ended up.
We also played another game where we picked out a picture and another lady picked out 3 to 5 scrapbooking products that we could use and then we added one other product to it. I then had 20 minutes to complete a layout.

I really like how this turned out.

Jamie and I are now scrapbook accountability partners! We met a week ago and discussed our goals for this year. We are working week by week to keep a handle on our picture organization and getting "caught up" with scrapbook projects. I love having a goal to work towards each week and feeling like my hobby has a purpose!

Here are a couple of my favorite pages I have done this past week.

I did these two a couple weeks ago.

You can see more in my scrapbook folder to the right or on my SIS profile.

I hope I didn't overload you with scappiness! :)



Jamie said...

Love all the scrappiness!

Your layouts look so great! I love the ones that you did at the SIS crop. They turned out really cute.

Congratulations to keeping up with your "Layout A Day" challenge. I am so proud of you.

Looking forward to seeing what all we can accomplish this week.

Take Care!

Jessica said...

I am a friend of Jamies- I love all the cute ideas on your site!

Kimberly said...

Love your layouts and I love the basic grey paper you used. Have a blessed day.

~Telah said...

Great job on your layouts! I need to go get some done too!

Jan said...

I am so proud of you!! And jealous..I need to get going again.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...
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Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Wow Bri I'm proud of you! That is great that you can do that! It's so neat to see how much Tyler changes! Talk to you soon. Hope Tyler is goo this weekend!!!

Unknown said...

Cool pages! And cool stuff you got for your scrapbooking goodies! Fun fun...I updated my blog so you'll have to check it out...added the same pics of the schoolwork scrapbook pages that I put up on the SIS board...but also others of Carson's b-day and him being baptised. Yeah seems like the more pregnancys I went through the faster the baby just seems to go by faster because your busy with another kid on top of everything else we do as being the wife mother...haha...good luck and hope you can get your work acomplished before this bundle arrives...hard to believe it will be here before you know least it will be spring and you'll feel like getting out of the house then...for walks and was hard having carson in the winter, then with him being preemie we couldn't really do a whole lot...but that's the way things go sometimes...and God has his reasons...I think Carson came early because God was preparing my mother for the heart problems my dad had and now deals with! Because I had him Jan 16th, and she stayed with me till Feb 19th, then my dad had his heart attack just two months after that, on April 18th (my mom's b-day)...then two day's later he's having open heart surgery! Wow...Amazing how god works in us...of course then we didn't know what the purpose was...but somehow we knew he had a plan...and he was preparing us for something much bigger...Good luck and i'll be praying for you and that little bug...(that's what we call Carson, our little bug, because he was a little bug haha..)
Miss you much,