Wednesday, June 25

Wedding Pictures

We are home after our week vacation in Michigan. It was nice to visit with family and friends.

The wedding went well, but Tyler did not make it down the aisle. He did so well at the rehersal and was good on that day up until 5 minutes before the wedding started. He had a tantrum in the waiting room! YIKES! We tried so hard to get him to calm down, but being at the church for 2 hours before and not having a nap that day there was no stopping it. Oh well, at least we got him in the pictures.

Here is one of him in his vest and tie...he looked so handsome!
This is a pre-meltdown picture.
Here is the bride waiting for the wedding to start! Michelle looked so beautiful all done up!
My mom and I at the reception.
Kalen with her daddy. She looked so cute in her pink dress!
Mike and I loved showing her off to all our family members!
I'll post some more pictures of our trip in the next few days.


Tracy said...

We miss you guys already, but I bet you are glad to get back to your real life. The pictures turned out really good. Tyler LOVED getting that flower on his vest and was thrilled to be like all the big guys. I think Kalen made it to more tables than I did! She's a doll.

Love ya

amydc said...

Kalen is a doll. I just want to pinch her little nose!
Sorry about Mr. Meltdown. Poor guy. He was on overload I guess.

~Telah said...

Um...did you just have a baby because you certainly don't look like you did in that dress! Great pictures.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

How cute are they! Tyler looked so handsome! And Kalen is getting so big! I like the look she has like she's trying to figure out what is going on! Shell looked amazing I can't wait to see more pictures! U and mom looked great also! You lose that baby weight so fast Good Job!

Jamie said...

Love the dress! Tyler looked so handsome.