Saturday, June 28

Playground Fun

While we were in Michigan we went up to the park in Pinckney. Tyler loves exploring new playgrounds!
He just runs from one thing to another.
His favorite thing on this playground was definately the firetruck!
It was a nice evening to be outside! Kalen liked watching her brother play! Pretty soon she will be out there right along with him.
Tyler is still doing well on the potty training. Only one accident in the past three days!


Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Tyler Aunt jess is so prode of you I know that you would do very well with going potty on the potty! Keep it up! It looked like you had a fun time with Grandma Jan!

Bri we hope Kalen doesn't grow up to soon! We want her to stay cute and little! Love you and miss you

Jess (Aunt Jess)

amydc said...

Gosh- I didn't relize how much Kalen looks like Mike. In the stroller pic- she's a mini-me Mike.
Great job Tyler!!!
(& mommy too! :)

Jamie said...

I agree with Amy. She does a lot like Mike in those pictures.

Way to go Tyler!