Friday, October 26

Tate's Farm

Last weekend we went to Tate's Farm with a group from church. We had a bunch of fun! It was kinda like the apple farms we go to in Michigan, but with no apples.
When we got there Tyler was off to the toys. He went down the slides, rode on a horse swing, and of course played in a tractor!

We took some time to get a few pictures in front of this cute little pumpkin house!

And then Tyler and his friends Caleb Davis and Nathan James posed for a picture!

Then we were off on a hayride! It was fun exploring the farm, Tyler liked seeing the farm equipment, and we even sang songs!
After the hayride we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. It was funny when we gave him a roasted marshmallow he did not like it. He was "all done" after one bite, more for mommy! But he did have a bite of a smore and liked that!

One of the fun things was letting Tyler pet the farm animals. They let you in the cages with them and Tyler was not shy at all. He walked right up to those pigs saying, "oink, oink, oink." It was too cute.

We have a funny story about these puppies. They were so cute and Tyler was running around with them and saying "hi," and waving when one puppy (the white one below) knocked him over. The puppy got on top of him and was nibbling on his hair and ear, then Tyler started screaming. Mike and I were laughing so hard. Even after that Tyler still wanted to play with them and was laughing.

We also had fun playing in the "corn crib." It was a bin filled with corn and the kids would jump in it and try to walk in the corn. It was funny.

It was something fun to do on a nice fall evening. Here are a couple other family shots we took.



Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

looks like you guys had alot of fun! I was laughing about the do that pushed Tyler down. I'm surprised that he didn't so "no no no" like he does to Boomer. Cute family pictures, and the pigs were too ctue.
Yes I finally got my internet set up!!!!! It is awsome
Love You Jess:)

Jan said...

Nice pictures. Looks like your new camera is taking great pictures. Hope to see some Halloween pics next.

Jamie said...

I am so far behind on my website reading. Love all the pumpkin patch photos!