Monday, February 15

Valentine’s Party

On Friday the kids had their Bright Lights Valentine’s party. They were so exited to exchange cards and candy with all their friends. We had to wear our Valentine’s outfits.


Here is Kalen modeling the outfit that I made for her.


Tyler decided he needed to show Kalen how to model.


Like she needs any help.


“Alright Mom, enough pictures!!”


That was my first time making a skirt. It turned out so cute I know I’ll be making a lot more in the future!!

Then we headed out to the church for the party.

The girls.


And the boys.


And the whole group.


We had a lot of fun!

Later that night the kids had a sleepover at the Elmore’s so Mike and I could enjoy a night out by ourselves. We went to dinner and a movie, then didn’t have to worry about getting the kids to bed. It was nice!

We hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s day!



Shannon H. said...

so cute! The skirt turned out great!

Leah said...

I am seriously impressed with that outfit you made Kalen. It is sooo adorable! Love Tyler's t-shirt too!

Unknown said...

adorable! That picture of Kalen with her hand up is awesome - I love it! Also, the outfit is looks like the kids had a great time. Thanks for sharing!