Wednesday, September 15

Kalen’s Picture Day

Today was yearbook picture day for Bright Lights. Kalen was so excited to get her picture made! She was a little unsure when she didn’t recognize the man behind the camera, but she did good. No crying! She didn’t really smile though. We turned in our family page too. We have so many Bright Light families this year, we had to cut our page in half. I choose to keep it super simple!

Bright Lights Family Page 2010

Since Kalen was all cute and dressed up I decided to bring along my camera and snap a few photos in the prayer garden.


It was SO easy getting her to pose for pictures! I guess that is the difference between boys and girls.


Such a little model!


Looking at these pictures I just can’t believe how big she is getting! My little girl is growing up WAY too fast!


We have been getting a lot of comments on how long Kalen’s hair is getting.


I just love it and can’t imagine cutting it! Maybe we will just keep it this length and trim it.


We got so many good pictures I’m having a hard time picking my favorite!


Can’t forget the head tilt! Ha!


One in the Gazebo, or as Kalen calls it the “Nemo.”


And one on the lamp post.


Kalen saw the flowers when we were walking back to the car and she said “Picture with flower!” So we had to get her picture made with the flowers.


I think we were there for a whole 10 minutes and got all those great pictures! Now if I could just get a few of Tyler! :)


Stephen and Melody said...

She is sooooo cute, and these pictures are AWESOME! Love your family page, too!

Emily said...

So cute!!!! She is beautiful and you did an awesome job with the pictures. Her and Kate have the same smile. It just makes me smile everytime I look at Kalen because I see Kate!

Grandma Angie said...

Oh, soooo adorable! She is such a camera ham!

Anonymous said...

You must be thrilled to have gotten so many great pics :). What a beautiful family! I am already finding that our baby girl is much easier to take pics of than our son - it must be a girl thing :). ~Jess

Jennifer said...

Love it all!! Kalen is super cute and I LOVE your family page! All the 1/2 pages I've seen have been really great even if only 1/2 page!!!!