Friday, June 3

Cotton Row 5K & Fun Run

I started going to our Run for God program at church at the beginning of March. It is a 12 week training plan with a Christian focus! It was so great to have God in the center of training. Being a swimmer growing up I really, Really, REALLY disliked running, so I needed to be reminded that I could finish this program with His strength and not of my own!

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So on Memorial Day I set out to run my first 5K at the Cotton Row. My goal was to run it in under 35 mins.


This is a BIG event with a 10K, 5K, and 1 mile fun run for the kids. There were about 5,000 people there!


Tyler and Kalen did a great job cheering for me at the start! I actually heard them saying, “Go Brianna, Go Brianna!” It worked out great that I heard them, I forgot to take off my wedding ring and was able to give it to Mike as we started!


It was such a HOT day and was probably in the upper 80’s - low 90’s when we started at 9am! Mike and Tyler went to a couple points where they thought they would be able to cheer for me!


It was nice to have friends to run with and be able to encourage each other!


Almost there!


I did it! Woo Hoo!!! When I crossed the finish line my time said 34:15 and later looking online at the results of my k-tag (which records when you actually cross the start and finish lines) it was 33:33! I was so excited that I finished and under my goal!


Woo Hoo! Love my girls!


Family picture. Kalen didn’t want to be in it, she said, “My not running!”


Then Tyler had to get ready for his 1 mile! He was talking for days and days before about the “big” race! So cute! Daddy ran with him!


I couldn’t find him at the start (he must have been too fast) so these are at the finish line!


We were so proud of him! Mike said he did a great job and really liked it when the people were cheering for him! When I asked Tyler what his favorite part about the race was he said, “Winning!” I think he got his parent’s competitive genes! Smile

So I think we all have the running bug now! Mike wants to do the next race and I think I want to try a sprint triathlon! (Yikes, did I just say that!!)