Thursday, July 12

Typical Thursday

Well today was just a typical Thursday. Went to the gym this morning so Tyler could play (and I could work out too). He really likes going he gets all excited when we get ready to go in the morning and he says, "Paa, Paa" (that means play in Ty language), and lately he has just been walking to the play area all by himself and not even looking back to say bye. Too cute. He has 4 teeth coming in so it's been a struggle for me lately. The past 2 or 3 days have been better though. And tonight I told him to be gentle with a toy after he threw it and after a little tantrum he just turned around to me and said, "yes," and was more gentle with it. I was SHOCKED and had to keep a straight face and say, "good boy." We are trying to teach him to say yes mam or sir, and I guess he is starting to get it. After just saying to Mike a couple days ago that it's hard to keep up on the discipline it is nice to see that Tyler is starting to get it.

Here is another scrapbook page I did the other day.
And YES it is a ONE PAGER. I have stepped out of the box and started to do some one page layouts. I have been liking it though, I can get a page done a lot faster. Who knows maybe I will try some 8.5 x 11 pages soon.

Here is a altered journal I made. I cut out pictures in magazines and put them in here for scrapbook inspiration. I got the idea here.

Well that's about all going on here. I am getting excited to go to Florida in about a week. Tyler and I are going with my dad to my Grandma's. Jessica and Calvin live in the same city so we will be visiting with them a lot too. Tyler will get to meet his Great, Great Grandmother for the first time! It will be mini lobster season so we will be boating and diving. I can't wait. I guess I need to think about what to pack!!



Jan said...

You 1 pager turn coat!!