Monday, August 9

First Day of Pre-K!!

Well Tyler had his first day of Pre-K today! He will be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s for 3 hours in the morning. It helps that school is at a familiar place, church! Here is my little man all ready for school!



I was a little sad getting him all ready to go. Tyler prayed for me last night at dinner and said “Jesus, help mommy to not be sad when I go to school.” So sweet! I think his prayers helped, because I did okay. :) He was such a big boy going into his room. I told him I had to get one picture of him with his teacher, and he didn’t complain one bit!


His teacher is Mrs. Cox and I have heard so many wonderful things about her from many, many people! I know both Tyler and I are going to love her!

So after dropping him off Kalen and I came home and Kalen kept asking me, “Do mommy? Do?” and “Tyler go?” We didn’t know quite what to do with out Tyler around! We did get some cleaning done though and it was much MUCH quieter in the house.

So Tyler’s 1st day went well! He got to be the helper and a line leader! He was SUPER excited about that :) I kept asking him if he learned anything and he said, “Ummm…I don’t know.” Maybe today was just a fun day! :) School wore him out though, he took a 2 hour nap! Hopefully that will happen every afternoon after school! :)