Wednesday, October 27

The Perfect Pumpkin

On Sunday afternoon we took the kids to a little pumpkin patch to search for the “perfect pumpkin!” This was a big job for Tyler and he took it VERY seriously!


Kalen on the other hand, picked out some right away!


Tyler had to help her a little bit.



Daddy did too!


Mom was determined to get the best pumpkin patch photo!


I was so happy when Tyler sat still for a few!


I think this is my favorite.


Kalen kept going from one pumpkin to the next sitting on it and saying “Cheese.”



Silly girl!


They really liked the baby pumpkins.


Kalen picked out a small one which she really wanted to carry herself,


but it was too heavy! “Help please Mommy!”


After about 30mins of running from one end of the patch to the other searching and searching Tyler finally found his!


Now we have two perfect pumpkins to carve!



Emily said...

That is so cute! Your photos are awesome!

Heather Brock said...

I think the perfect pumpkins are the ones sitting behind the big orange ones. : )

corrie said...

Adorable. Your are a very talented photographer!