Thursday, July 24

A Good Report

Kalen had her 2 month check-up with Dr. Jeff yesterday and he said that she is doing very well!


Her nickname around here is "Chubs." She weighed in at 13lb 4oz which put her in the 90th percentile for her age, and is 24 inches long which is also at 90%. Her head's a little smaller though...only in the 25th percentile.


Tyler went with us to the check-up and he liked seeing the doctor check her eyes and ears and such. I think he liked that it wasn't him having to get checked out this time!

This week Kalen has moved into her crib at night. She has pretty much outgrown the bassinet, so I couldn't hold it off any longer.


She is doing well in there and is still sleeping through the night. At about 6:00 she wakes up and we just have to re-swaddle her and then she's back down till about 8:00am.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to "date night!" Our friends Josh and Jamie are going to watch the kiddos for us so we can have a chance to get out alone. We still haven't decided where we are going to eat, but it will be nice not having to worry about choosing a place that is "Tyler" friendly.


Jenn said...

I think she has your nose Bri...she's so cute...hard to believe she's two months already...time goes by fast doesn't your mom last night...she let me borrow her sewing machine to fix a few pairs of Kyler's basketball shorts he got for his b-day that were too big...The hutch looks so cool she refinished...Enjoy your evening out for to you soon...oh hey do you have a facebook account? just curious...let me know...and I"ll add you to my friends list...thanks.

Jessica, Calvin and Boomer said...

Wow so cute she is a chuncker but we will take her any way! She sounds like she is taking after Aunt Meagan with the Twetty Bird head!!!! Hahaha

Us.. said...

Glad to hear about how well Kalen is doing! She is huge and so darn cute! Hope to meet up with you guys the next time you are out this way...

Jamie said...

Looking forward to the kid swap.

Love that swaddle picture!

amydc said...

She looks like she's wrapped up like a little burrito!!!!
Have a great date night.

Jan said...

I have a picture of you Bri in the same pose as the first picture and the spitten image.
And Jess-it was the opposite. Meg had a big head and a tiny body!! LOL.