Monday, July 21

An Impromptu Trip

This weekend we took a last minute drive up to Kentucky to meet up with Mike's parents. Dad had some business near Elizabethtown and Mom had no idea that we were coming. We surprised her on Saturday morning, she was shocked!

We stayed in Cave City. That morning we went to see Mammoth Cave. It was neat to see how big it was in the cave, and I was surprised that people use to live inside of it. They had a church and a hospital inside the cave. We didn't take a long tour, just enough for Tyler to handle.


It was cold down in the cave and when we walked out it was very humid. Here is a picture I got of us walking back from the cave, but my lens kept fogging up.


Later that afternoon we went swimming at the hotel pool.


It was Kalen's first time swimming...she really liked it! I took her out after a little bit so she wouldn't get too much sun, but I think she would have stayed in longer if I let her.

DSCF1833 DSCF1841

Tyler did a great job swimming too, with those water wings he was able to swim all by himself.


Then we went to get some good ole' southern barbeque!

DSCF1848 DSCF1853

There was a man singing and Tyler got up and danced a couple times. He even talked into the microphone one time saying "Thank you very much." It was cute. He was the singer's biggest fan clapping after every song.

After breakfast the next morning we went to a little park.

DSCF1856 DSCF1858 

5x7 DSCF1860-1

Then we had to say goodbye. Tyler and Kalen had so much fun seeing Grandma & Grandpa Taylor!

We are so glad that things worked out to make that visit.

Sometimes the unplanned last minute things are the most fun!


Jamie said...

Love the swimming pictures!

Glad you had a fun trip.

amydc said...

Yay Brianna. Tyler saying 'thank you very much' is too funny. It sounds like you guys had a nice little visit.
Great blog post btw. It's interesting & easy to read.