Wednesday, July 9

I've been scrappin!

This week I decided that I was going to get some scrapbooking done! So Kalen and I have been going in there during Tyler's naps.



Well Kalen has been taking her naps in there too!

Here are a few of the layout's I did.




I have also been working on a vacation album that I'm almost done with. I think this is the first time since Kalen was born that I have been able to find time to get in my scraproom. It's nice!


Leah said...

Yea for scappy time!!

Jan said...

cute! Think I will go down tonight and get something going. I have to take a picture of the hutch. Looks good now I have some Mupheys Oil on it.

Jamie said...

Good for you. I think that girl sleeps anywhere. :)

~Telah said...

Glad you got to scrap! Are you coming Friday night?

amydc said...

She looks big/long in the photos.