Monday, June 21

I’m a Big Girl Now!

We got some new furniture from my Great Grandmother (who passed away) and Great Aunt Diane yesterday! It is beautiful! I will have more pictures to show you very soon. While we were clearing out Kalen’s room, we decided to just take down the crib and let her sleep in the new “big girl” bed.


Here she is last night before I shut the door. (It was late and she was tired and cranky…hence the tears)


She did GREAT! She fell right to sleep and didn’t get out of the bed at all! This morning I heard her saying, “Mommy,” so I went in and she was sitting up on her bed waiting for me! At nap time today she just crawled right up in her bed, said “night night,” and I haven’t heard anything since!

I’m SO excited! Hopefully she will be easier than trying to keep Tyler in his bed ;) I need a break! The pacifier will be the next thing to go!


Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

what a big girl! i hope we have as easy a transition! :)

Julie Rodgers said...

That's great! Maggie did the same thing when she graduated to a big girl bed. I was expecting tears and getting up all the time, but I think she does better in the big girl bed than she ever did in a crib! Look at our girls go! So sweet!